Tattoo of Style

Tattoo and permanent makeup studio.

Tattoo of Style

Tattoo Studio “Tattoo of Style” began its work in September 2017. We provide services in the field of tattooing and permanent makeup.We offer you a large selection of designs, we will develop for you an individual sketch, we will perform a black and white tattoo, ultraviolet, white and color tattoos, CoverUp (correction, correction, overlapping of old tattoos), cover the scar or burn with a tattoo.

Tattoo Studio “Tattoo of Style” is a team of highly qualified artists, the quality level of work of any complexity, individual approach to each client, interesting, unusual solutions and creative atmosphere.

Consult with the master.


I want to get a tattoo, where do I start, what should I think about?

Before you go to a tattoo artist, it is important to know that the master is an expert. Only he can know how the drawing will look on your body. Listen to the master and do not argue with him!
Emotional and physical maturity is very important for a tattoo. Perceptions of a tattoo will change over time, so you need to remember that a tattoo is done for life.
Small tattoos cannot include much detail. Over time, there is a possibility of them deteriorating.
There is the possibility of an allergic reaction to some of the pigments used in the ink. Even the latex gloves that tattoo artists use can be allergic. If you have reason to believe this is a possibility, discuss it with the master beforehand.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Depending on the type of skin, the place of application, and if the recommendations are fully followed, the tattoo will heal within a month.

Permanent makeup

How to prepare for permanent makeup? Preparation conditions

General precautions:

Stop sunbathing and visiting the tanning salon 7 days in advance;
One day before the procedure, do not drink alcoholic, low-alcohol and energy drinks, even coffee and strong tea.
In case of lip permantha:

One day before the procedure, start herpes infection prophylaxis;
In the case of eyebrow permant:

Exclude self-correction and coloring;
Eyelid permant:

Come to the master without makeup and artificial eyelashes;

How long does permanent makeup take to heal?

Full recovery and stabilization of the pigment occurs within 30 days.

from day 1 to day 7 – healing;
from day 7 to day 15 – reduction of color intensity;
30-45 days – reapplication of pigment (if necessary).

The work of the masters of our studio.